At the time of this posting, we find ourselves in a world of uncertainty. A world where it seems we are alone, all together. We are inundated with external data, with news, opinions, comments.

This song is a gentle reminder to quiet the external, if just for a while. To look within and move through our shadows, move through our fears. To find that inner stillness, that spark of serenity we all have inside our innermost core. That spark inside is what connects us all to the field of infinite potential. That is where we can collectively create that potential of hope.

Une pure merveille, comme toutes les musiques de Mettaverse.
Bon voyage introspectif, et que la connexion soit belle et pure… 
Avec tout mon amour, Marlène 😇❤️❤️❤️

432 Hz Healing Music to Help You Focus, Relax and Fall Into Alignment With the Harmony of Creation.